Customize your own Hemp variety! With Phytowelt

Do you want to offer your customers your unique exclusive hemp variety? Ask us!

Three reasons speak for Phytowelt’s platform technologies for creating your own customizable hemp variety:

  • We will use our plant-experience out of 20 years to design your own unique, exclusive variety to address changing market demands and giving you a competitive edge to your competitors
  • Profit from the current CBD-hype and the trend to offer ingredients to the market that can be categorized as superfood and help people relax from their busy lives
  • No legal issues, higher purity, more reliability, and regulative CBD/THC-relation compared to natural varieties

This is only possible with the combination of our technologies phytodiversity, phytoediting and synergy effects of phytomining.
We will participate the 15th conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association, 12-13 June 2018, Cologne.

Curious? Please don’t hesitate to contact us: or +49 1525 68 20 313