Production of double haploid triticale

Phytowelt is an expert in the development and establishment of sophisticated methods to accelerate plant breeding

Routineproduktion von doppelhaploiden Triticale-Pflanzen: Von der heterozygoten Mutterpflanze bis zum reinerbigen Saatgut

For the production of completely homozygous lines, the production of double haploid plants is a key technology in plant breeding. Such lines allow plant breeders to efficiently cross valuable traits in elite varieties and thus shorten the long way to variety registration. At Phytowelt, we specialize in developing key technologies tender made for demanding plant species from our customers and establishing them as routine services. The cereal triticale is just such a plant. It is considered one of the most demanding cereals when it comes to treatment in tissue culture. Based on 20 years of experience, Phytowelt’s scientists were able to efficiently produce double haploid triticale plants for an international customer within a very short time.

“Being able to use such protocols opens new doors for breeders and enables cost-effective breeding even for lesser known ornamental – medicinal – and crop plants.
We love to take on new scientific challenges and thus contribute to a modern but diverse agriculture. The production of double haploid triticale is a good example of this”.
Dr. Peter Welters, CEO and founder of Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH.

Announcement 2018 Biotech SME Awards

EuropaBio awarded Phytowelt as most innovative EU Biotech SME in the field of Agricultural BioTech

Brussels, 3. December 2018

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Brussels, 3.December 2018 – From left to right: Ulrich Garvert, Senior Consultant, Phytowelt;
Dr.  Peter Welters, CEO and founder, Phytowelt; Nicolai Assenmacher, Junior Sales and Project Manager, Phytowelt

Phytowelt GreenTechnologies was honoured by EuropaBio with this year’s “Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award” in the category Agra-Biotech.

“Phytowelt GreenTechnologies’ creative innovation is enabling the company to produce and commercialise a high quality product, which is increasingly in demand, whilst using less resources, land and energy.” stated Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Secretary General of EuropaBio. EuropaBio’s unique annual initiative recognises the achievements of small but dynamic, organisations, and the crucial role they play in answering some of society’s greatest challenges. At the 9th edition of the award ceremony in Brussels, on the evening of 3 December, Member of the European Parliament Dr. Paul Rübig handed over the award to Phytowelt’s CEO Dr. Peter Welters. The jury, consisting of scientists, industry experts and EU parliamentarians, honoured Phytowelt with the first price for its holistic approach, in which energy crops are optimized through innovative plant breeding in order to produce valuable fine chemicals on their basis. Such a flagship product is the highly pure raspberry aroma R-(alpha)-ionone, which Phytowelt produces in a bio-fermenter under low energy consumption. In this way, a valuable and natural ingredient for the cosmetics and food industries is produced without creating conflicts with food security.

”I was surprised and really proud when we were announced as the winner at the award presentation. I am especially pleased that our company, which has been in business for 20 years, was proclaimed as the most innovative SME in the agricultural biotechnology category despite 40 other much younger competitors. It demonstrates that we are able to stay at the forefront of development in the bioeconomy sector” said Dr. Peter Welters, CEO of Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH, founded in 1998. (

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Brussels, 03 December 2018 – Award-winners and organizers – From left to right: Dr. Peter Heinrich, EuropaBio SME Platform Chair; Dr. Peter Welters, CEO, Phytowelt GreenTechnologies; Phillippe Halfon, President & Founder, Genoscience Pharma; Marie Helene Gramatikoff, CEO, Lactips; Prof Andrew Porter, University of Aberdeen; Cindy Khaldi, Manger Associate, Genoscience Pharma; Dr. Paul Rübig, MEP; Joanna Dupunt.Inglis, EuropaBio General Secretary

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