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Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH is a biotechnology company and was built in 2006 out of a merger of Phytowelt GmbH and GreenTech GmbH (a spin-off from Max-Planck-Institute for plant breeding research in Cologne), both were built in 1998.

Dr. Peter Welters was CEO of both of the firms and founder of Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH and still CEO.

The core competence in the beginning was plant biotechnology / plant breeding.

And this is still our core competence: We support breeders and farmers with optimizing the yield or performance of their crop plants
(somatic hybridization).
We also offer double haploid breeding for homologues inheritance to following generations.



Phytowelt plants
Phytowelt’s “Agargarden” with Drosera

Because of market changes and demands we complemented our portfolio with industrial biotechnology which importance increases every day for us and the world market.

With industrial biotechnology we are able to find innovative solutions for our customers and generate products, produced by microorganisms.

Such products can be Flavors & Fragrances, APIs, cosmetics and food supplements.

Our success of developments and its production will be supported with knowhow and experiences since 1998.