Biorefinery-concept / phytomass

phytowelt biorefinery phytomassThe biorefinery -concept or phytomass is a vision Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH wants to realize. It should be our future production facility where biomass delivers the carbon source for our production organisms. Bacteria are converting carbon in their metabolism to complex products. Carbon sources can be diverse sugars extracted out of biomass. 

Biomass can be created out of a lot of biological material. We want to use short rotational plantations of poplar as well as sugar beet pulp which can’t be used for food anymore. The sugar out of biomass can be used by bacteria to produce desired substances. The production facility should be named phytoPark and produce all future products of the department phytomining (industrial biotechnology). The short rotational plantations of poplar combines the vision with the department phytodiversity (plant biotechnology)


phytowelt biorefinery phytomass