Genome editing / phytoediting

phytowelt genome editing phytoeditingGenome editing is an opportunity to support the natural evolution of organisms in a precise way. Therefore methods like ODM (oligonucleotide directed mutagenesis), TALEN and CRISPR-Cas can be used. This methods differentiate from genetic engineering because the modifications could be natural caused too or rather doesn’t contain genetic engineered intermediate or end products.

The legal situation of genome-editing arisen products isn’t cleared yet, that’s why these methods were used only for research purposes. The opportunities of genome editing for plant biotechnology and breeding would be various. Therefore some political and social framework conditions have to be established.

For future possibilities with stetted framework conditions processes like the following could be realized:


phytowelt genome editing phytoediting

Through genome editing the evolution of the used organisms (plant, bacteria) could be supported for process optimization. As a result new processes as well as products could be designed for economic benefits. This technology can be combined with our platform technology (phytomining) or our plant breeding technologies (phytodiversity)