Platform technology phytomining

platform technology phytomining

phytowelt phytomining industral biotechnology

phytowelt phytomining industral biotechnology

Phytowelt innovation award 2017
Winner of the 3rd place: Innovation Award 2017


The department of industrial biotechnology practice the platform technology phytomining to realize the following targets:

  • Develop new processes to produce new substances
  • Develop new processes to produce given substances
  • Optimize given processes by e.g. using high performance plant enzymes, various metabolic pathways or bacteria strain-development.

The platform technology phytomining is composing of various analytic and process methods: metabolic engineering, biochemical and genetic analysis as well as recombinant expression, were digitally evaluated and the resulted data tailor-made assembled, so the optimal solution can be created. Through this multidisciplinary approach we are able to decode metabolic pathways of plants and microorganisms. Subsequently we recombine the pathways to get the desired product.
Our expertise is the production of terpene and phenylpropane based products, which are used in flavors & fragrances, active ingredients, cosmetics, food supplements as well as natural colours and adhesive additives. An instance for terpen based products are carotinoids and flavors & fragrances like Ionones (see below), phenylpropane based ingredients are e.g. flavonoids. The possibilities of producible substances are immense and can be generated in different qualities, depending on the purpose. Through our unique platform technology the resulting products are declared as natural, make their contribution to sustainability and can replace petrochemical ingredients.


phytowelt phytomining industral biotechnology


Raspberry aroma

One of these products which process is patented by Phytowelt, is a natural raspberry fragrance. With our process we are the first who are able to produce the aroma without any chiral by-products whereby a unique raspberry fragrance results. That raspberry aroma, so-called (R)-alpha-Ionone, possess a high intensity and purity. 1 gram of our raspberry fragrance replaces 111 tons raspberries and saves up to 20 hectares ground as well as resources, work time and costs. You find more Information about the (R)-alpha-Ionon in the project description. In May 2017 we won and took the 3rd place of the Innovation Award “Biobased Material of the year 2017”.