Potting machine attachment ABLATOR

phytowelt potting machine attachment ablator

ABLATOR is nominated in category “innovative product”

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Potting machine attachment ABLATOR for mechanical sinkhole-excavation

ABLATOR was nominated for the TASPO Award 2017 in the category “innovative product”.

Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH sells in cooperation with Balster Maschinenbau GbR an attachment for potting machines used for mechanical sinkhole-excavation.

The system ABLATOR is an attachment for a potting machine and therefore it isn’t intervening in the potting machine itself.
The aim is to excavate substrate for a sinkhole in an efficient way.

To install ABLATOR is very easy and can be done effortless by anybody.
For the application of ABLATOR you are getting the following benefits:

  • cost savings through less substrate application,
  • cost savings through less worktime on plants
  • because the substrate won’t be pressed on the root development is optimal
  • the substrate gets a furrow for watering and bark mulch

With ABLATOR you save a lot of substrate so that the costs are amortized after a year just through the savings of material.


Cost overview for ABLATOR:

  pot diameter
  80 – 120 mm 120 – 187 mm
one pot maschine ~ 900 € ~ 950 €
double pot maschine ~ 1.800 € ~ 1.900 €

Here you can see ABLATOR in use:

Easy installation/ Step-by-step explanation: