Plantdustrials Symposium – 18.09.2017 – 4 pm – Cologne

phytowelt symposium

„Modern plant breeding – romantic agriculture or innovative business?“

Our annual Plantdustrials Symposium together with IHK Cologne will take place soon!

Save the date: 18.09.2017 between 16:00 – 19:00 at IHK Cologne.
The 11. Biotech-Symposium „Plantdustrials“ takes place. This year’s focus of Plantdustrials is  „Green Biotechnology: modern plant breeding – romantic agriculture or innovative business?“.
IHK Cologne organises it in cooperation with CLIB 2021, BioRiver as well as assistance of Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH.

It’s a great pleasure to welcome Prof. Dr. Holger Puchta from KIT as keynote: He will show us the beginning of a revolution in plant breeding and what can be expected for future development in plant breeding.
In addition we assure you further interesting talks of successful industry representatives: they will give us an insight into general methods of plant breeding as well as business models in this field.
To entertain you duly, we hold a few interactions for you. Especially for the networking part there will open up specific opportunities for you.

But see for yourself! You find the current program here and on the IHK Cologne website, where you can register for free as well.

We are looking forwards to entertain and inform you on our symposium

Innovation Award Winner – 3rd place!

Phytowelt innovations award 2017

On the 10th “International Conference on Bio-based Materials”, the Innovation Award of “biobased material of the year 2017” took place. Phytowelt is one of the winners 2017 with the chiral raspberry fragrance.

The press release of Nova-Institute contains the following part:

The “International Conference on Bio-based Materials” is a well-established meeting point for companies working in the field of bio-based chemicals and materials. Almost 200 participants, mainly from the industry and representing 25 countries, met in Cologne to discuss the latest developments in the sector.

Third place: Phytowelt GreenTechnologies (DE): High-quality raspberry fragrance with the help of biotechnology

The (R)-alpha-Ionone is the main component of raspberry fragrance. Usually it is synthesized chemically as a racemate which contains the enantiomer (R)-alpha-Ionone as well as the distomer (S)-alpha-Ionone. The (S)-form has a woody and musty flavour which gives the chemical racemate a different and impure fragrance. However, it is complex and uneconomic to separate the two molecules. With its patented process, Phytowelt is now able to produce only the desired (R)-alpha-Ionone. Therefore, the raspberry fragrance is chiral pure, smells intensive and is, because of the biotechnological production, a natural flavour component. It can be used in food, drinks, perfumes, drugs and other applications. This raspberry fragrance is the first natural essence in the market which can be produced in high quantity as well as quality resulting in a high competitive advantage.

Fore pictures of the Innovation Award ceremony please take a look on our facebook page: Phytowelt on Facebook
More information about the conference, the award and the other winners? Take a look here: 10th Biobased Conference – award