Tissue culture service

Tissue culture service

Plant tissue or in vitro culture is a collection of methods by which plant cells and tissues can be vegetatively propagated, maintained and manipulated under sterile conditions. In this way, whole plants can be regenerated from single cells, elite plants can be propagated in large quantities, plant viruses can be eliminated or valuable genotypes can be safely preserved for years. The respective plant tissue is cultivated in sterile containers on liquid or solid nutrient media, the composition of which allows our scientists to control plant growth.

Even more than with other scientific methods, experience and routines in tissue culture are crucial for successful outcomes!

The backbone of our tissue culture platform is our long-standing staff, their experience and steady hand, as well as a library with countless protocols developed in-house.

On this basis we offer the following services to our customers, mostly from plant breeding, pharmaceutical or food technology:

  • Virus elimination
    • Elimination of plant viruses
  • Preservation of genotypes
    • Safe vegetative maintenance of valuable genotypes
  • Polyploidisation
    • More biomass, higher sec. metabolite levels or larger flowers
  • Mass propagation
    • Vegetative propagation of homogeneous plants in large numbers
  • Somatic hybridisation (cross-referencing)
    • Overcoming crossing barriers, new genetic diversity, CMS transfer
  • Double haploid production(cross reference)
    • Complete homozygosity, breeding acceleration.

To determine the ploidy level (number of chromosome sets) of individual plants, we use the so-called flow cytometry and also offer this as a service for you.

The tissue culture service you are looking for is not listed here or still needs to be developed? Contact us – the development of new protocols and methods has been our core business for twenty years.