phytoediting - Our Genome Editing Platform

Genome editing is a technical opportunity of accelerating the natural evolution of organisms in a targeted manner and thus also classical plant breeding. Methods such as ODM (oligonucleotide directed mutagenesis), TALEN and CRISPR-Cas can be used for this purpose. These methods differ from classical genetic engineering because the precise changes produced can also result from natural mutations, no foreign DNA needs to be introduced into the plant cells and the new technologies enable previously unattained precision.

ODM, TALEN and CRISPR-Cas differ in the way they are carried out and their suitability varies depending on the application, thus all of them are part of our toolbox.
Phytowelt has been working on combining these technologies with our protoplast technology in customer orders, funded projects and our own experiments since their release. We are able to edit the genome of single cells and regenerate whole, edited and non-transgenic plants from them.

In this way, secondary metabolite profiles can be optimised, disease resistance established or drought stress tolerance promoted in the shortest possible time compared to classical breeding. Moreover, the absence of transgenes eliminates the need for subsequent backcrossing – saving time, money and resources.

Our proprietary portfolio of protoplast regeneration protocols for over 25 plant species, combined with established editing protocols, allows us to serve a wide range of customer needs to optimise your plant for you.

Genome editing is an interesting breeding approach for you?

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