Production of double haploid triticale

4. April 2019

Phytowelt is an expert in the development and establishment of sophisticated methods to accelerate plant breeding

For the production of completely homozygous lines, the production of double haploid plants is a key technology in plant breeding. Such lines allow plant breeders to efficiently cross valuable traits in elite varieties and thus shorten the long way to variety registration. At Phytowelt, we specialize in developing key technologies tender made for demanding plant species from our customers and establishing them as routine services. The cereal triticale is just such a plant. It is considered one of the most demanding cereals when it comes to treatment in tissue culture. Based on 20 years of experience, Phytowelt’s scientists were able to efficiently produce double haploid triticale plants for an international customer within a very short time.

“Being able to use such protocols opens new doors for breeders and enables cost-effective breeding even for lesser known ornamental – medicinal – and crop plants.
We love to take on new scientific challenges and thus contribute to a modern but diverse agriculture. The production of double haploid triticale is a good example of this”.
Dr. Peter Welters, CEO and founder of Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH.